Review: Fruitful Leaders

Fruitful Leaders by Marcus Honeysett is certainly a must read for all Christians – not just leaders, but those who are involved in church or those that are involved in ministry. To be honest I didn’t think I would enjoy this book – I have read some leadership books in the past and they made me feel depressed or very bored. But Marcus hits on something that runs throughout the entire book and that is Joy in Christ. It isn’t about doing more or pleasing people or meeting expectations, but at the foundation Marcus draws us to look at Christ and gaze at Him. A lot of leaders and christians need to hear this and have their souls refreshed.

There are some real challenges and raw moments in the book where Marcus shares stories about leaders who are at the end of their tether and not sure whether they can carry on because of the weight of expectation and duty that takes away their time from family and devotion and joy in Christ. We sometimes think that “ministry” of a bible study, sermon, evangelising kind is more important than being with your family, loving your wife or husband and spending time with Jesus… as if those things don’t display a worthy ministry. But again Marcus draws us back to Christ and asks some probing questions to get us thinking.

I love the fact that Marcus talks about women in leadership, this was really helpful! And he also talks about training leaders well and not plunging them into the deep end without any training!

This was such a refreshing read and worth passing on to our pastors and leaders who need encouragement and prayer and time off!! Not only that, this book is worth passing on to those who are in the church who perhaps have too high expectations of their pastors and they need to see that their leaders are human and need love and friendship.


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