Balm of Grace or Bashing Religion?

I just read on my friends blog this quote which I want to share with you because it just makes you think about how we do things as Christians and why:

“I heard an encouraging sermon at church from a visiting missionary from Pakistan. It occurred to me that people who minister with Muslims have a greater emphasis on grace than people who minister with your average Westerners. People who spend all their days with (apparently) complacent Christians seem to fall into the trap of thinking that it will help to bash them over the head a bit. But people who minister with those who are already being bashed over the head by a false religion seem to understand that grace is the answer.”

This just made me think about how cross culture mission is good for us, sharing the Gospel to all nations, sharing Grace and not bashing them with religion. It’s what the church needs to do. It’s what we need to do within the church community and our evangelism. Except most the time we like to hit our western heads with the law because it makes us feel productive and strangely convinced that we are achieving something worthwhile in this culture where we can say – “look what we did..” When all we are really doing is taking our eyes off Jesus and staying under a curse and causing others to feel very guilty…


2 thoughts on “Balm of Grace or Bashing Religion?

  1. Very true I think. The gospel is still the gospel of grace whoever we are preaching to. In fact I think that many secular westeners are trapped in a works-righteousness mindset – they are think that if they achieve x, y and z by their own will-power then they will achieve some form of salvation.

    • I totally agree Stanton. Its interesting how culture really affects us, you see that more when you go abroad and see how other people do church and you realise how much cultural influences there are. Its good that the Gospel of Grace can cut through all of that and every culture and nation needs to hear it.

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