Christianity is about the mundane too

The Mundane. In our western culture we try to escape from this word with as much entertainment and excitement as possible. The horror of doing ordinary things of everyday should be replaced with something extraordinary. If your life is mundane then you are not living it well or to its max. Sometimes that seeps into our Christian thinking too. God wants to do something spectacular in our lives, he wants to push us to the edge, he wants us to get off our pews and do something exciting – “don’t waste your life“. That is true enough, we can waste our lives doing many things and yet if you think about it, life is made up of the Mundane and the Christian life too and it’s not always a waste.

Just came across a brilliant quote by friend Ed Goode after he done a preach:

“One minute you’re exhorting people with the greatest truths in the universe, and then you come home and empty the dishwasher.”

You would think that life should be more than this. And he goes on to talk about his struggles and questions in preaching. But what struck me was how mundane life is, not just his obviously, but all Christians. The dishwasher needs to be emptied, the rubbish to be taken out, the washing machine to be loaded, the dinner to be cooked. Just everyday life and it feels boring and it feels mundane and it feels like we should be doing more as a Christian. But I want to hit the pause button because the Christian life is not having every waking moment doing evangelism, or doing bible studies, or preaching at church, or going to Christian conferences. We are sometimes so scared of not doing those things because we don’t want to be in the silence of everyday life where you are left wondering, “Is this it?”.

Yet the great beauty of the mundane everyday is that God wonderfully uses it and speaks through it. When at University I had more conversations about Jesus while cooking a meal with my hallmates then I probably had at a CU lunchbar. I get to know my students better as a Staff worker while I dry up cups in the kitchen with them then I do at a Conference. Why? Because its life and we are doing life together and we are doing the mundane together. You preach and then you empty the dishwasher knowing that Christ is displayed in both.

The Christian life is about the mundane because that’s where we are doing real life and we can share it with people and invite people into our mundane lives and not feel like it’s any less than preaching.

So next week I will go to Forum and have a good time meeting students and catching up with people. Hopefully I will proclaim Christ well (only by his Grace!) and then I will come home to my husband and we will cook together and then I will do some washing because my clothes will smell and then at the weekend we will have friends over who will eat with us, wash up together, drink coffee, go for walks and do mundane things and share life and it will be no less good or “Christian” then going to a Christian conference or preaching, but Christ will still shine through it all.


4 thoughts on “Christianity is about the mundane too

  1. Hi Cat,
    Great post.
    It’s good to be reminded that just living a normal life can be pleasing to God.
    I’ve just read the book of Ruth and I was stuck by how normal Ruth and Boaz’s lives were. They weren’t preachers, prophets or leaders just two people trying to live Godly lives in a Godless age. And yet their lives had such significance that their story forms a book in the Bible.

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