Highlights from Forum11

Its Saturday after Forum11 and I have woken up too early and I keep thinking I need to be in a giant tent with 1000 people listening to Becky Pippert. So to ease my confusion, I am going to share with you some highlights of Forum11 and why you should be at Forum12 next year!

  1. 1000 People all worshipping Jesus, listening to Christ centered talks and amazing fellowship over meals. Its encouraging to see so many students ready to share Christ on their campus!
  2. Becky Pipper was fantastic. She shared stories of evangelism that stirred our hearts and reminded us that as Christians its a joy to share the Gospel with non-Christians, but that doesnt mean its not scary.
  3. Christian Union Students planning freshers weeks, mission weeks and bringing ideas together in order to share the Gospel on campus. How can we make sure every student on campus gets a chance to hear the Gospel?
  4. Uncover. Gospel project looking at the Gospel of Luke. Lets encourage Christians to open up the Gospel with their friends.
  5. Relays getting stuck in and enjoying Forum11. Serving alongside them is fantastic.
  6. Plymouth students coming up with cracking ideas for this term! Looking forward to it!
  7. BBQ with the South West and no rain that day.
  8. Mike Reeves
  9. Doing a seminar track with Dave Bish and Jo Larcombe
  10. Exciting students about reaching the nations on campus. It was a real joy doing a workshop on this with Emily Paterson.

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