Jesus shows us the face of God

I have just read a wonderful quote from Glen’s blog and I just HAVE to share it with you because it’s just beautiful and I don’t believe it’s just new testament stuff, it’s the whole of the bible from the Lord walking in the garden in Genesis and from Moses talking to the Lord face to face in Exodus to the incarnate Lord walking with his disciples. Jesus shows us the face of God. (Please do check out his blog and the full sermon that this quote comes from):

As Christians—as followers of the Lord Jesus—when we talk about God, we are talking about one who has entered into the very fabric of our world, who has come as close to us as we are to ourselves, a God who has become incarnate. When we talk about God, ultimately, we are always talking about Jesus. For the God of the gospel is the God who has come among us in Jesus of Nazareth.  We believe in God because of Jesus.

Jesus is the one who showed us the face of God—Jesus shows us the truth of God, Jesus shows us the love of God.  Jesus is God’s smile beaming at us out of the depths of eternity.  Jesus is God’s love wrapping around us, seizing us and not letting us go.  Jesus is God’s grace, reaching into the darkest and most shameful dimensions of our experience.  Jesus is God’s healing, binding up the wounded.  Jesus is God’s goodness, in a world full of chaos and disaster and catastrophe.  Jesus is God’s great strength for the weak.  Jesus is water for the thirsty, and when you drink that water you will never thirst again.  Jesus is bread for all those who are starved and hungry, famished for something good and something true.  Jesus shows us God.  He is not God’s explanation, he is not God’s argument, he is not God’s debate.  He is God’s simple, great, loving act, showing us, Here I am, here you are.  In Jesus, God shows us God.  That I believe, is the whole secret of the Christian faith.


3 thoughts on “Jesus shows us the face of God

  1. Can it be possible that we should follow a God who is delightful and lovely? How quickly our hearts imagine him to be looking down, frowning, disapproving, telling us to have less fun and do better, or worse, decreeing tyrannical judgment on us helpless grasshoppers. How wonderful to remember that these are lies, and that God is in fact, wonderful, everything we long for, and infinitely more.

  2. You have written powerful words describing God and Jesus. This really helped me understand the scriptures more and you gave me good information for my religion task at school.
    Thanks. 🙂

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