My Christian Hat

I have been thinking about my “Christian Hat” after reading a good post on “women who are Christians and who blog” and pilgrimKath mentions the use of our Christian hats! She comments:

“I worry that life becomes reduced down to theological statements or an obsession with the Christian subculture. I worry that when I read some blogs it’s almost like the author is wearing their ‘Chrsitian’ hat and afraid to admit to their audience that they love things like the Inbetweeners and Glee.”

And I think she has a good point and I know I am in danger of doing that. I think I prefer to lean more towards wearing my Christian Hat, probably because of pride and perhaps a point of self-protection. This has made me think about Christian subculture a lot and how it’s very easy to have Christian alternatives (music, novels, sport clubs, reading groups etc) and because they have the fish sign stamped on them – then they must be holy!

Did you know that a survey was done on why young people leave the church and one of the top 6 reasons for young people leaving the church is because “Christians demonize everything outside of the church“, check out the other 6, it’s quite interesting!

To be honest I can believe that, I remember sitting in church when I wasn’t really a Christian yet and I mentioned that I enjoyed some Philip Pullman’s books and I was instantly glared at by the people around me with comments of “we don’t read those kind of books…” it made me ashamed and a bit angry. To be honest those people would probably have a heart attack if they saw my bookshelf now with its Discworld, Harry Potter and various fantasy and sci-fi books which sit next to my Calvin institutes and CS lewis. Yes you can be a Christian and read and like Harry Potter.

Anyhoo, this Christian Hat of mine can get a bit too stuck to my head and perhaps I need to take it off a bit and show you a glimpse of some of the things I enjoy in life. Because christians can enjoy the things in this world and it’s not all about “theological statements“, it’s actually about enjoying Jesus in everything (ooppss that’s probably a theological statement, I can’t help it sometimes!)


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