A collection of webs (2)

Some more collecting of websites and blogs has been happening this week… well lets have a look at what we have:

As most of you will know Steve Jobs passed away recently. Here is a really interesting letter from Mike Anderson…

Rachel Held Evans has spent a year as a biblical woman, this was a project to follow what the bible literally says about what it means to be a woman of God, this is a really interesting read! I don’t think I could of done it and thankfully it is all about the heart and not the outward stuff!

Ever wonder why you never see Spiderman online?… well this is why.

Here is a beautiful way to change music… I love how creative this is!

And there is a new way to teach children the Alphabet… no more kicking K!

Just to leave you with a thought: Should preachers be preaching that God hates you? Bish writes his thoughts.


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