Transformission 2011

Saturday was Transformission and it was fantastic. It was such a joy to listen to Mike Reeves talk about Jesus and in such a heart warming way. It was great to see so many students from across the South West all in Exeter listening to such Christ centered teaching.  Every time I come to Transformission I find my heart melting because I hear about Jesus. Mike speaks straight to the heart and showed us that God is not “high and mighty and distant” but he is 3 persons wonderfully relating to each other and a Christ-less god is that of the devil, who is on its own. It makes me think about how I talk about God to other Christians and to non-Christians.

I guess from listening to these talks my biggest plea is for churches to start preaching more of Christ, not a giant, strong god that is Christ-less, nor just a moral christianity where we learn how to be good, generous and kind. But lets preach Jesus and warm our hearts to Him and Him alone that the fruit of the Spirit will naturally flourish and praise will flow out and evangelism will be a natural out working of our hearts.

Why not have a listen to the talks and see for yourself.

(Photos will soon follow)


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