A collection of webs (3)

I have been doing some more web collecting and found some interesting stuff. I guess this is like going to an old shop with loads of antique things in there and along the way you find a little jem. I guess that is what the internet is like…

Anyways my lovely friend Emily has been listening to some talks on feminism and writes a post on whether Feminism is counterproductive. I am hoping she will follow this up with more thoughts about this!

My other friend Chris has been writing quite a bit about atheism and just a great quote from him on his post atheology: imitative & ascetic

“Ironically I’d suggest that atheism can only really be stored in Christ. As Chesterton put it, you can give up on his light but you can’t get out of his shadow – but in his light not only are other ‘gods’ shown up for what they are, we see ourselves truly too: when we see his humanity, we see how far we have fallen but also how deeply we are loved – in the light of the man Jesus we find God is not a bigger image of us; we are a broken image of him, hiding in his shadows. “

This puts it in perspective…


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