A collection of Webs (4)

Well Halloween is coming very soon and no doubt everybody has their piece to say, especially Christians… yet one of my colleagues, Peter Dray has written three posts on Why God loves Halloween. Yup a different spin on things! Worth a read.

Over at Redeemed Mind Apologetics, Dan asks what our worldview is. I enjoyed tracing through the different options and outcomes! Which worldview are you? Have you ever tried this on the public to find out what they believe, it proves to be quite interesting and you can have some great conversations through it!

If you are a student and have exams. These top 10 tips for study may help you!

Was the name of Jesus declared by Moses?

Here is some really cool coffee art.

Lastly, check out Rob Ryan. An artist that makes incredible books and stories. Here is an interview with him… And here is a video of him working. And here is one of his pictures:



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