Introverts I know (pt4)

This week I have been looking at the book: Introverts in the church and I have been writing up some of the ideas in the book mixed with a couple of my thoughts. I have been wonderfully surprised by how many people have responded to these posts and a lot of people have felt the same. This has been very encouraging. So here are the links to the three posts:

1. Part 1: The extroverted Church
2. Part 2: Jesus the extrovert or introvert?
3. Part 3: How can introverts serve in church?

Now I want to share with you a couple of introverts that I know, who are just wonderful and bring such vibrance, thoughtfulness and deep friendship:

1. Kristi – Thoughtful and deep thinking. I always have wonderful deep conversations with her which challenge me and encourage me at the same time. I have no doubt that she brings to the church and UCCF staff a great deal of challenges to think through and thought-provoking conversations that lead us to think more of Christ. Lets hope she is heard.

2. Ali  – When Ali spends time with us I can never stop laughing. You would probably not think she is an introvert as she seems such the life of the group, coming out with very funny statement/social awkwardness (love it). Yet she also likes to spend time on her own to re-charge and she is very thoughtful, bringing much fun and thoughtfulness to Staff life.

3. Emily  – She would say that she is in the middle, an extrovert and introvert. Getting energy from people as she has conversations and yet enjoys times of thinking things through. Again I have many fantastic conversations with her that range from theology, work and life. It’s so fun spending time with her.

There are wonderful introverts and extroverts in our churches. Lets look out for them, those on the edge,not seeming to fit in.


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