A Collection of Webs (7)

One of my favourite films is Lord of the Rings and so this video just made me chuckle so much!:

Here is an interesting article about Delia Smith and her beliefs:

“If Jesus has said, ‘there’s only one thing needed’, we cannot grow as Christians without incorporating that ‘one thing’ into our daily lives and take his words utterly seriously.”


A brilliant article from Peter Mead at Cor Deo about christianity/church being all about us/me. He speaks some fantastic truth in this:

God loves me enough to die for me, but that doesn’t make it right for me to agree that I am special and live my life with my gaze firmly fixed on me.  Christ passionately cares about the church, His bride, but that doesn’t mean we should self-obsess as a local expression of that bride so that our gaze is firmly fixed in the wrong direction.


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