The Advent Hope

Ok so I know that Dec 1st isn’t the real day of advent and today is the 2nd of Dec so I have totally missed the mark, but we only have 24 days till Christmas and it’s quite exciting! Pilgrim Kath has started blogging about advent (starting on the right day of course!), worth checking out.

Nasty November has finally finished and its been a slog! Late dark nights, early dark mornings can feel like you are in a constant vacuum. November feels a bit like Genesis 3. We have passed the summer of Genesis 1 and 2, walked with Lord in the cool of the day with the sun warming our hearts. Then we find we walk into Genesis 3 and into a winter that feels like Christmas will never come. But there is hope even in Genesis 3:

“I will put enmity between you and the woman,
and between your offspring and her offspring;
he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.”

We step into December’s advent and we remember to look forward to the seed, the promised offspring that will fight a battle on our behalf and he will be born of a woman. There is always hope in the darkest of times, even when we think – Is Abel the promised seed? Is Moses the promised seed? Is David?… no and it always seems like hope is dashed from beneath us. But there is a true and better Abel, Moses, David and as we enter this advent time with its chocolate, tinsel and laughing fat red man, we can know that our hope is set firmly in the true and better offspring who wont fade away or be eaten up.


One thought on “The Advent Hope

  1. Amen amen! It reminds me of CS Lewis saying the fallen world (Narnia under the White Witch) was ‘always winter and never Christmas’. This is a world of despair and no hope. I guess we could say that we are still ‘in winter’ but we are also now in advent – there is the promise of hope. There WILL be Christmas (and summer, and heaven).

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