In the search engines

One of the fun things you can do with a blog is find out how people find you. Normally its through facebook and twitter but there are also the google searches as well. For this blog the top 5 google searches that people put in and end up on this blog are:

praying 526
old books 392
mustard 193
mustard seed 191
prayer 140

So that is quite interesting for me. But what I love is the funny/strange ones that get them to this blog. Check out these (my comments are in brackets and italics!):

  • the place where the sun shine reaches only one time in whole life in islam (Slightly odd?)
  • eski kitaplar (No idea…!?)
  • my life feels mundane
  • how can books be more than just a form of entertainment?
  • christians and muslims pray to the same god. christians who don’t know that have either forgotten, (There was nothing else in this sentance, not sure what we may of forgotten)
  • gospole sit (Who?)
  • lord of the rings characters with nose (Dont they all??)
  • ring “leave a reply” (I am not sure my blog can do that…)
  • if i didn’t have sunshine (That would be very sad..)
  • i feel like i should be doing something christianity (Jesus did it for you, so you dont have to)
  • best wine to drink when sitting at home (mine is red wine)
  • how to make a bishop’s hat (Now that would be fun!!!)
  • i don’t want to imagine there is no heaven
  • if jesus, muhammad and moses had a conversation what would they say (How interesting!, I woould love to know)
  • +”mike reeves” +”unattractive” +god (Mike Reeves as an unattractive god? yes I think that would be true of any of us…)
  • “half jewish” and “half islam” “1/9 hindi (Very confused person here – your belief system is a mix of  Three persons and One person and then many gods…must be a hard to pray)
  • why do introverts think they are so great (?! They do?)
  • why calvin isnt the gospel (You are right! We preach Jesus and so did Calvin…)

My favourite of course is “Coffee and books”…


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