Christmas Team Days with Steve Timmis

Over the last couple of days we have had our South West Christmas Team Days where Steve Timmis joined us and shared some teaching with us from his book Every Day Church. It was such a good 3 days of teaching and fellowship. If you haven’t read any of Steve Timmis books (Total Church and Everyday Church) then its a must read for Christmas this year!

Why not listen to some of his talks that Bish has recorded and put on his blog. Enjoy:

Here are some of my highlights of the team days:

  • We forgive cos we are the forgiven not cos its a command but cos its an out working of who we are.
  • Church isn’t about events or Sunday morning its about living life together and doing mission together…
  • Amazing food and conversations.
  • We need to gospel each other, reminding each other of the gospel everyday and not being afraid to rebuke people of their sin with the good news of the gospel.
  • Secret Santa!
  • Really challenged by how I use my time and if I open the door to people or do I use my home as a safe refuge from the outside world?

Those are just some thoughts and highlights. I hope to be blogging a bit more about some of my thoughts and how these team days have got me thinking about Church.


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