My Rock and My Redeemer

I am a real fan of Sojourn Music and this song is just very heart warming especially when we are feeling weary this time of year its good to hear the gospel sung to us. Have a listen and the lyrics are below:

All I feel is broken, and weary to the bone
I’ve given up the fight and found I have no strength to carry on
Let me run to you, Draw me close and hold me tight
Be the strength that I don’t have, And in my weakness shine

You are my Rock and my Redeemer
My Refuge sure and strong, My faithful loving Father
You are my Shelter in the storm

I find myself a captive, Of the same old tired lies
The ones that say I’m hopeless, Not even worth a try
Let your truth run through me, Set me free I know you can
Take my soul, make me whole, To seek your face again

Teach me Lord to trust You, Instead of my own strength
To find my worth in Your love alone. And my hope within your grace.


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