2012 Resolutions

Tis the season for resolutions. A fresh start. Although I feel no different from 11:59pm to 12:00am. But it makes us feel good when we start again, a clean slate, a new year to look forward to and be different to 2011, not the same mistakes, deaths, hurts or people. We make a list and we check it twice until we reach February and we find we are the same person as we were this time last year. Oh.

I havent made any resolutions this year, but many of you may have resolved to read your bible all the way through. There are plenty of plans – A whole list here!

My favourite is this one. Why? Because it suits the way I read and it doesn’t matter if I read 10 chapters or 5 or 1. I  just like to read the story and soak in what I can. The great problem I feel with resolutions is that they arent really heart transforming. We may start with all good intentions to want to read our bible and we will start well until we hit those tricky parts, like Leviticus. Oh Leviticus! How many times I have fallen from your pages feeling quite erm… bored? Confused? eeekk…

Perhaps it’s not the fault of Leviticus, but me! Did I start right? Why Am I even reading my bible? Because it’s a good Christian thing to do? because my church tells me to? Because I feel an overwheliming GUILT for not reading it? Where does that come from?! Do I even like reading my bible? Ask yourself that.The answer is probably a “no” for most of it. A guilt ridden no.

If you are that person saying no, can I be bold? I would say to you, don’t make a resolution to read your bible this year. (have I gone crazy?! The conservatives may jump on my head at this point). Instead make a different resolution. Make a resolution that says this: I would like to know and enjoy Jesus this year.

Thats it. You feel a little crumpled at this don’t you? It doesn’t feel right, but there is an edge of freedom. Now we are getting somewhere.

How do I know and enjoy Jesus this year? Well there are several ways I think and one of them is to read a book that is all about him and all about his Father and the Holy Spirit. This book is all about his fierce love for his bride and the journey from the first betrayal to the fight of the groom winning the bride back and going to great lengths, even death to have her in his arms again. This books tells of his joys and his love and his suffering and his sorrow. Yeh this book is the bible, but instead of reading it for reading sake or for feeling like you have to, you read it to know more about Jesus and to enjoy him.

I would start there. Start by saying you want to know and enjoy Jesus more. Then you cannot help but open the pages of words that testify about Him and unfolds the greatest love story ever told. You will soon find that each day you will devour and swim through the pages, eager to meet the groom, to chase him and seek him and find yourself overjoyed.


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