A Tedious God and a Meagre Salvation

Just been reading the online magazine Credo which is worth a read, and I came across Mike Reeves article on Inclusivism (faith in Christ isn’t the only way to be saved) and Reeves speaks into our Western culture with some interesting insights about the effect of not really believing that we need to tell people of Christ for them to be saved. Here is a quote from the article he wrote:

And this is just what I see in Britain today: where faith in Christ is considered inessential for salvation, there people are left with little more than a boiled-down religiosity – a tedious God and a meagre salvation. It may wear Christian clothing – as Arius did – but anyone that thinks that knowing Christ is superfluous simply cannot have grasped how different the God he reveals is, the nature of his salvation, how great the assurance to be found in him. In which case, no wonder their Christianity seems lifeless and dreary.
At first glance, of course it seems more generous and attractive to ‘lower the bar’ of salvation and make knowledge of Christ unnecessary. But the joyless, unassured lives of so many Christians in Britain testifies to the fact that when knowing Christ is considered insignificant, there is no truly good news left.

Knowing Christ is not just important, but wonderful. And to share Christ so others may know him is the goal of evangelism (not for them to join some religious club that never gets a lie-in on a Sunday)… I wonder if that’s where we fall down a bit, we don’t really think that knowing Christ is so important? Which may be why I don’t want to read my bible or pray, because I see it as a religious exercise instead of knowing Jesus and knowing the Father. There is great joy in knowing Christ. Have we forgotten?

There are other articles in this magazine which are great and thought provoking.


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