Too much Decaf?

There has been lots of talk about what Mark Driscoll said about the men in the UK churches, there have been some good responses to him from the blogsphere, although I doubt he will read them. I don’t think I could anything which hasn’t already been said. But this has brought up lots of questions about what our Christian men should be like and what does true masculinity look like? Here are some of my thoughts that I have been mulling over with this whole Driscoll pantomime, would love to know what you think!

  • I get to some extent where Driscoll is coming from, he is working with men who may want to prolong the “boyhood” stage of life and not take responsibility in work, marriage and the home/family… so some words need to be had. However, it always has to be Gospel words which is a mixture of gentleness, grace, conviction and repentance.
  • Who cares if you are well-known in Britain. There are plenty of British bible teachers that are faithful and good at what they do but they don’t need to be on radio or TV. Also I am sure there are lots of great bible teachers in China, India and Muslim countries but they might get killed if they go on TV… so go figure. I hope those bible teachers that are in Britian will be encouraged by the work they do, by the Gospel and not worry about how popular and well known they are. Keep going!
  • The church has been feminized? What does that mean? Check out this blog from Sarah Moon for some insights. Ok so guys may not be coming into the church as much, but it feels a bit wrong to say it’s because it’s too feminine and therefore we mean it’s actually the fault of women… it sounds a bit Genesis 3 to me “The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate.”  It is all about heart attitudes isn’t it? Both of the guys and the girls.
  • How can we as women encourage our young men to lead well within church, family and work? How can men encourage women to have space and feel safe to practise their gifts instead of telling them everything they aren’t allowed to do…?
  • Lets pray for Driscoll. He is our Brother and he is a pastor and he is in the media. That must be tough. He needs our prayers and our Grace towards him too. Even though I may not agree with everything he says, I know I have to look at my heart first and see the plank in my eye.

2 thoughts on “Too much Decaf?

  1. Cat I like the post and think you do raise some important questions, especially regarding how men and women should help each other grow in Christ. But I also think that at times you display some of the very things Driscoll was complaining about.

    If anyone hasn’t read his blog on the issue I suggest you do. You might find it a surprise after reading what people have said he has said. .

    When did gospel words become “a mixture of gentleness, grace, conviction and repentance”? Yes that should normally be the case but not always. How many non-Christians are surprised when you tell them that Christ got angry? In my experience they normally find it deeply shocking. Why? Because all too often in Britain we have made Christ weak. This was done in response to two world wars when people were hurt and badly needed to hear the message that “God is Love.” However this has been taken too far, we mistake our concept of what a loving person should be (i.e. someone who virtually never gets angry, and is gentle on those rare occurrences) with what God has revealed Love to be. God’s love is not weak but strong and does get angry (Jesus and the money changers).

    How often in Britain are people not disciplined for misconduct or corrected on doctrine because we must instead love them.

    As for the media of course the majority of leaders will not have a media voice and that is not a problem. However that does not mean it is wrong to seek one, it is only in the past fifty years that Christians in Britain have lost it, and at the same time the British church has lots its’ prophetic voice. Where are the Martyn LLoyd-Jones of today? Shouldn’t it be a wake up call to us when we realise that the best Christian proclamation of last year was done not by any church leader, but by the Queen. When the church does speak at the moment it more often than not seems to be to attack bankers, is that really all the church in Britain has to say? If so is it a surprise numbers are dwindling. As British Christian’s our media voice has almost reduced to nothing, what do we have? Songs of Praise? Is that really the only message we want going out to our lost nation.

    Personally I agree with Mark Driscoll British Christianity has become weak and in it’s weakness often portrays an unattractive and to some degree unauthentic Gospel. Christianity in Britain needs to grow a spine and until it does will have little to say to the culture around us.

    • Hello Joel, Thanks very much for your comment! I had read Discrolls blog post and listen and read the interview as well – I didn’t find anything a surprise nor did I think Driscoll was portrayed in the way he said? Have you heard the full interview?

      I find that non Christians arn’t suprised by an Angry God but are suprised by a loving God that is jealous over them and wins them to himself. Perhaps it has been taken too far, but we have to be careful to not go the other way and say that God is just Angry at you and you must obey him. Perhaps we need to redifine what Love is? So that we see that the reason why God gets angry is because of his love for us. Read the Old Testament for that – Hosea is a brilliant portrait of the Gosepl and the Husband being angry with his bride for acting like a prostitute but he wooes his bride back to him!

      Where are the Martyn Lloyd Jones of today? Well I was sitting in a room of about 100 people in January with IFES and UCCF, who are probably the best bible teachers, Gospel preachers and evangelists in Britian. But you may never of heard of them. And the media wont give them a space on their TV channel or newspaper. But they are faithfully winning the hearts of students to Christ. There are young men in my city who are faithful bible teachers, preachers and evangelists. But you may never of heard of them. They arn’t seeking media coverage, they are faithfully serving Christ where he tells them to be and they win people to Christ. However I agree with you that when the Church speaks in the Media it never looks good BUT the answer isnt to grow a spine or man-up. The answer must always be to go back to Christ. Weakness isn’t a problem, because God works in our weakness. But many of us and our leaders need to come back to Christ and enjoy him and know him and preach him.

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