Questions from London

Students at SOAS uni have some great questions about Christianity. As I sat on the panel for the grill a Christian event, I noticed a fighting spirit to save the world among students and they were asking great questions. It made me think about my answers when chatting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. How best do I communicate the Gospel? Do I communicate it in a very white western way? Or do I start thinking cross culturally? These are good things to think about when reaching the nations.

Here are some of the questions that were asked, how would you answer them if a Muslim or an African or an Asian was asking this?

1. How can I trust the Gospels?
2. What would you do if someone you knew died?
3. Can someone who is homosexual be a Christian?
4. Why did God become human?
5. Why did Jesus die?

Great questions arnt they? It’s good that people are asking them.

Please keep praying for London.


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