Highlights from the London Mission

Here are some of my highlights from the London mission:

1. Being in London and enjoying how big things are, how diverse people are and how much culture there is!

2. Working with SOAS students

3. Chatting with loads of international students during the day – we had some really great conversations.

4. Sharing the Gospel with students

5. A girl becoming a Christian at the evening events

6. Meeting a fellow blogger and someone who reads my blog! (It was nice to meet you!)

7. Surprise visit from Sarah

8. Listening to Krish speak about Jesus and films

9. Being with the London Team

10. Hearing the Gospel reading in Spanish.


One thought on “Highlights from the London Mission

  1. Hi Cat, What a very exciting week!!

    I wonder if you might be interested in doing a guest post on my blog dreamingbeneaththespires.blogspot.com on Feb 5th or Feb 19 please? You could freshen up an old favourite post, or write about how meeting Jesus at 18 turned your world upside down. I love stories like that!! Anything between 300-800 words.

    Do let me know on anitamathias1@gmail.com.

    Thanks much,

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