Collection of Webs (12)

Looking around the Web, what do I see?

Well here are some good blog posts that I have come across –

An article on the Trinity by Mike Reeves (this is a bit from his book):

Single god, non-smoker, seeks attractive creation with good sense of humour…

Imagine for a moment that you are God. I’m sure you’ve done it before. Now think: would you in your divine wisdom and power ever want to create a universe, and if so, why? Because you feel lonely and want some friends? Because you like being pampered and want some servants? It is one of the profoundest questions to ask: if there is a God, why is there anything else? Why the universe? Why us? Why might God decide to have a creation?

Tanya Marlow writes about the illness narative. Its a very interesting read:

“As a  society, we know how to process the ‘acute’: the emergencies, the tragedies.  But we can’t handle the chronic; the non-fatal, ongoing, wearying, unsolvable illnesses. We don’t have the language, the categories, the ‘narratives’ to talk about it. We don’t know how to react to the person incapacitated for years with back pain, those housebound with M.E., the depression patient who doesn’t respond to treatment.  We don’t know whether we’re looking at a potential ‘tragedy’ case or ‘victory’ case, and it makes us suspicious and confused.”

Here is an interview with Glen Scrivener on why he blogs:

“Some people have an irenic tone and serpentine wisdom.   I have a nasal tone and bark like a dog.   Blogging suits me like that.  I’ve had the same strap-line since the beginning and it really has been the conviction that’s driven me: “Jesus is the Word of God.””


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