Collection of Webs (15)

1. I saw this flagged up by James Watts, a brilliant article on Art ministry – Birmingham Is Not New York: 5 Cautions for Arts Ministry:

“Start with where you are. If your church is in a region with a strong history of quilt making, that should be the starting point for your arts ministry. Don’t open with a white cube gallery space.”

2. Glen Scrivener writes about the Sabbath

But, spiritually speaking, Jesus has begun a whole new world.  And by the Spirit we are brought into His resurrection reality.  Spiritually speaking we have entered that rest.  We are on the other side – beyond the seventh day.  We are eight-day people!

3. Amazing pictures taken from inside musical instruments – its amazing!

4. This is an amazing story, heart wrenching and surprising story: The other story from a ‘Pillow Angel’


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