What my heart needs

I don’t know about you, but when I wake up in the morning I find that I want nothing to do with the Gospel or Jesus. In fact I prefer to wake up and think about the day ahead and all the things I want to do – my agenda, my life, my identity. As I awake I find my heart so hard and dull. I think that if I was to do everything I wanted then I would be satisfied.

What a lie.

The one thing I need to hear is the Gospel.
I need to hear it because I don’t want to hear it.
I need to hear it because my heart needs to be melted
I need to hear it because it brings me life. Christ brings me life and has made me alive.

But I don’t just need to tell myself the Gospel. I wasn’t created to be on my own. I was created to be in unity with other people. So I need other people to tell me  the Gospel. I need my husband, my friends, my boss, my pastor, my homegroup, people in my church etc to tell me the Gospel.

And I need to tell them the Gospel. And not be afraid to do so.

The outcome I am sure is that if we are all reminding ourselves the Gospel, then our hearts will be encouraged, our words will be seasoned with salt and our fellowship/church will be strengthened. And then we will want to tell people about Jesus. We need this every day, because I forget the Gospel every day. And you probably do to. So, lets not be afraid to remind each other of the good news of Jesus Christ.


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