The Good God

“The trinity is a mystery, no one can explain it and only God can understand it” – Have you ever heard that before? I am not sure where we get that from. The truth is, Trinity hasn’t been at the for-front of the church’s teaching for some time now (not all churches, but most), instead it has become another doctrine hidden at the back of our systematic theologies.

But this book will completely change your thinking about the Trinity. Trinity will no longer be a mathematical problem or something you brush under the cosmic carpet. Mike Reeves shows us through scripture how Trinity is essential in our understanding of who God is and why you wouldn’t want any other god.

This book is so easy to read, it’s not full of theological junk words that no one understands – its plain english, for anyone to understand. It explains the beautiful relationship between Father, Son and Spirit and how they are in Tri-Unity. It challenges us about how we think of God and if Trinity isn’t the first thing you think about God – then what flows from that thinking is something that isn’t God, something that is lonely, controlling and devil-like…

I desire so much for Trinity to come back to our churches. For only in Trinity can we speak of Gods Love and there everything follows: Gospel, sacrifice, relationships, community, change, joy, mission etc…

Buy and read this book. Read it with friends. Pass it on to your church leaders. Change the way we think.


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