First Year of Marriage

Yesterday marked our one year anniversary being married. I can’t believe time has flown so fast!  It has been an amazing year and I have to say that I love being married.

Before we got married we got many warnings about our first year, warnings that it would be the hardest year of our lives, that we would hate it and be ready for the divorce papers to be signed. So we went into marriage with a reality punch and found it surprisingly wonderful and a lot of fun. I guess people react in different ways, everyone is different and so some of that advice was helpful because marriage isn’t exactly the “happy ever after”, stare into each others eyes with fluffy bunnies eating grass around you and birds tweeting songs to your favourite love melody. Nope. You learn quickly that marriage is that of the mundane, where there is washing up, going food shopping, cleaning the house and working out finance. There are evenings where you just watch TV or read a book and there are weekends where hubby has to work. It’s not all adventures and romantic dinners because at some point the ironing needs to be done!

That’s life.

And its nice to share it with someone and that someone being my husband!


5 thoughts on “First Year of Marriage

  1. Hey Cat – came across this and couldn’t help but smile. I was surprised when a single friend of mine mentioned that my own church has a very ‘anti-marriage attitude’. She meant that the way we all talk about marriage is as though it were immenseley hard work and to be avoided rather than encouraged. Whilst I think she has a skewed perspective, I do see some truth in what she says, and more generally in evangelical Christianity – it is a wonder so many Christians do get married with the lists of warnings and horror stories we’re given as singletons. I really wanted to say I found your post refreshing – that your first year of marriage wasn’t like a horror film, but a joy to you. Marriage is difficult, I experience that too, but I love being married, have a super husband and an opportunity to share Jesus’ self sacrifice in a way I wouldn’t otherwise be able.

    Here’s to many more happy years of marriage!!!

    • Hey Rachel, Thank you so much for your comment. Its great to hear you are enjoying marriage as well and you are so right about showing Jesus’ self sacrifice, I do think marriage is all about dying to yourself – and thats really hard! But it is strange how people tend to share the horror stories of marriage to those that are single or just about to get married – very odd. I hope that as my friends get engaged and also people in the church that we can be realistic about marriage and that it is huge amounts of fun :)! Many happy years of marriage to you too 🙂

  2. Hey Cat,
    Its amazing how an year goes, i still remember you posting about it just a few days after the royal wedding, and now its such a blessing to know that you are loving and enjoying being a wife. Like in Prov 31: may the Lord bless you and may your household be prosperous.

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