He makes me smile

Now reflecting on our first year of marriage I have had some insights into what Husbands do. This is just a bit of fun, but it is also a mark of some of the things my husband does which makes me smile and which I am very grateful for!

  1. Catching and getting rid of monster spiders that lurk in the corners of your house!
  2. Making phone calls to people who I don’t want to talk to (phone company, sky etc)
  3. Pushing the trolley in Tescos and carrying heavy shopping bags
  4. Makes me coffee first thing in the morning to wake me up! ( I need it)
  5. Gives lots of hugs when needed
  6. He often says he is praying for me which really encourages me
  7. Make me laugh with silly faces and noises
  8. Writes to me “Good morning” messages when he goes off to work or writes notes with my lunch!
  9. He runs and grabs the washing when it starts to rain.
  10. He picks me up from evening meetings and waits there while I am late…or very late
  11. He allows me to choose a movie which may mean a really girly movie!
  12. He often reminds me of Gods Grace

I must admit and not to sound cheesy at all, but since being married I have seen more of Gods Grace and love then I did before. This is so evident in times where I am pretty rotten and sinful and yet my husband still loves me and shows me such patience and love when I don’t deserve it. It is in those times I see just a glimpse of the love of Christ towards me and it reminds me that while I was far off and rejecting him, he died for me and won me back. Pretty amazing.


3 thoughts on “He makes me smile

  1. I love your post! You are truly blessed to have such a good husband. I wrote about mine the other day also. I think sometimes men get a bad rap so more women need to rise to the occasion and tell the good stories. Hopefully this will inspire others to believe in love.

  2. Two Years of Marriage – Sunshine Lenses

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