Collection of Webs (17)

Imonk writes a really great post on this whole masculine christianity going around – he calls it Esau Christianity. Have a read a be a bit surprised!

As you know, I love drinking coffee. I also like to read blog about coffee and I found an interesting article about how to make coffee and there are 22 ways of doing it! Check it out here.

Glen write about how there is “nothing adult about porn” which was a very interesting article and he linked to another post on women and porn written on the conversational theology blog:

“First, and I want to say this first because I really don’t think anyone else is saying it at all, chicklit and chick flicks are not pornography for women, pornography is pornography for women. There is a myth which the church seems to have bought into completely that women are not interested in pornography. That this sin is exclusively a male sin. Women are instructed not to listen when a preacher addresses the men in the church about this issue. For a long time, I believed this lie too. And then I discovered the internet.”


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