Collection of webs (20)

For the collection of webs series this week I am going to share my top 10 favourite blogs. They are in no particular order and they are my favourite because they make me think, laugh, be challenged and I just enjoy reading them! I hope you enjoy them too:

  • Rachel Held Evans – Asking hard questions and making you think
  • Ellie Cook – Check out her feminine Fridays, they are brilliant!
  • Emma Scrivener – An honest blog, breathtaking.
  • Tanya Marlow – A lovely lady who writes about struggles, illness and life.
  • Sarah Dawkins – Some brilliant blogging recently, honest and heartfelt.
  • Emily Patterson – Thoughts, pictures and theology. Love it.
  • Anita Mathias – Talk style writing about theology, spirituality and life.
  • Glen Scrivener – A blog about Jesus. Heart warming stuff.
  • Dan Hames – Great stuff on the Trinity and the Early church
  • Chris Oldfield – Cultural, Deep thinking and well written stuff.

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