Collection of Webs (21)

A really great article in the NY Times on The Joy of Quiet“We have more and more ways to communicate, as Thoreau noted, but less and less to say. Partly because we’re so busy communicating. And — as he might also have said — we’re rushing to meet so many deadlines that we hardly register that what we need most are lifelines.”

Glen Scrivener has written a great post on Marital Communion (or, in other words, sex)–  “If I sit in my pew until I really really feel a heart-felt connection to Christ, I’ll never take communion.  But if I’m assured that Christ is promised in the bread and wine, then the focus is taken off my feelings and put objectively onto the real offer of Christ. So it is in the bedroom. “

A wonderful post by Dan Hames on Reclaiming the old language of spirituality “There is a difference between having faith, and depending on your faith.  Faith relies on the truth of the Word, and not on itself.  We may have many questions about our faith– its strength, goodness, quality, genuineness, and whatever– and can allow ourselves a healthy dose of pessimism about it.  My faith is not good. I’m not good.  But I don’t have faith in my faith!  Rather, I trust One who alone is good and true. “

Emma Scrivener wrote a great post on Heroes: Fallen or Pushed? – “I build them up in my head.  I praise them to their face and to others.  I consider myself a follower, a disciple, a devotee, a subscriber.  And in return, all I ask is that they never, ever make a mistake.”


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