If God, Then What?

I recently read this book by Andrew Wilson – “If God, Then What?” which is an apologetic book but with a twist – it isn’t a typical apologetic book with a question and then a chapter on how to answer that question. In fact some of the chapter titles are quite quirky – “Galactic Roulette”, “White rain” etc. Wilson writes in such a way that you feel like you are going on a journey with him, following his train of thought and arguments. He never assumes that you believe in God, he doesn’t use Christian jargon and he doesn’t jump straight to the typical christian answers to things. Actually what he writes is quite compelling, personal and logical – he doesn’t try to win an argument or trash what people believe. This is a book I would feel very comfortable in giving to my non christian friends. In fact as I was reading reviews of this on amazon I came across a really great review from a guy called Geoff who isn’t a Christian, he found the book “disappointingly good”! he says:

“I think this is a book a parent could give to a teenager and entertain reasonable hopes of them reading it through, with a better than average chance of having a decent discussion as a result. He’s done well to keep the book to an appropriate length for such situations. He hasn’t sought to bring entirely new arguments forward, rather he’s collected several and presented them in an accessible, readable and engaging fashion. Most books in this genre seem to try to win conversations or close them down. Wilson seems to be trying to open them up…

If you’re a Christian and you’d like to share your faith with others, buy this book. It’s the best I’ve read in the genre and extends a hand of friendship rather than a wagging finger of disapproval. It didn’t convert me, but did leave me wanting to join the author for a coffee and a long chat.”

Read the rest of the review here.

This is certainly a book, as Geoff says, that Christians should read! It’s an easy read and actually I couldn’t put it down! It is certainly one of the best apologetic books I have read.

If you want to listen to the podcast of Geoff and Andrew having a chat about the book on Justin Brierley’s radio show Unbelievable.


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