UCCF Forum 2012

Forum 2012 has been and gone and it was a brilliant week. There was also a huge suprise of having sunshine, I actually got sunburnt! No rain meant people were happier and the place just felt different to other years. So I will now share with you my highlights from Forum 2012. Also I did some talks on a track called Mission with the relational God, which you can check out here.

So some highlights:

1. Sun Sun Sun. No rain, no wellies, no getting wet but just sunburn. Wonderful.

2. Some of my favourite talks were from Jason Clarke, Mike Pilavachi and Lindsay Brown! I enjoyed being encouraged and challenged and reminded of the Gospel!

3. Hearing repentance from a leader on stage and for us to show grace – thats the Gospel.

4. Eating with students at lunchtime was great fun. It was really encouraging hearing what they had been learning during the week and how they want to see the campus reached with the Gospel!

5. Eating with staff – sharing a whole bag of pasta and laughing a lot with Ali and Emily. Great to have friends like these!

6. Creating an international cafe for students. Both Ali and I were wearing hats and welcoming them into the cafe, some looked scared and slightly amused. Hopefully they got the point!!

7. Doing an interview with Glen Scrivener in my talk.

Those are just some of my highlights. What are yours?



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