Supporting Local Coffee Shops

I have recently changed coffee shops. That may sound odd, but in my job I use coffee shops like an office and as my Relays and students enter my office they will be hit by the aroma of coffee beans and the sound of whirling milk. It’s important to be in the right coffee shop, one with light, comfortable seating and space. But most importantly the quality of the coffee is what keeps me coming back. Coffee that is freshly made and isn’t burnt, a cappuccino that is creamy and frothy with flakes of chocolate on top. Now you may be asking why I have changed coffee shops? I was going to a well known coffee shop in the UK and the coffee is rather nice, but across the road a new coffee shop opened up and I thought I would have a go. The staff were friendly, the coffee was good and it felt a comfortable place to work or meet students. It’s also an independent coffee shop. This swayed my opinion to move coffee shops. Going to independent coffee shops means supporting local businesses and local people. I like that. I like that when I go in they are getting use to who I am and I can start to have a conversation. I like that I am putting back into the community through something I love to do. I like that they make good coffee too.

Recently in Totness they have had a petition to stop Costa coming to their town due to their reputation of having so many independent coffee shops. It seems that Totness won, Costa has pulled out! I am so pleased for them. A coffee giant doesn’t need to be there, their quirky, local business and people are doing a fantastic job at providing the people of Totness and Devon with good coffee. Wonderful stuff!

So let me share with you some local coffee shops in Plymouth, when you next visit then do check them out or if you live in the area then pop along – don’t always go to the well-known brands. Try something new:

    1. Coffee Bean Central  – My new favourite coffee shop. Great coffee, lots of space to work and friendly staff!
    2. Monty’s Bistro – A lovely Bistro on the Barbican, they do great lunches as well as good coffee.
    3. Chocaccino – A small coffee shop, but their coffee and hot chocolate is wonderful! They also make yummy treats and cakes!
    4. The Canadian muffin – This place is easy to miss, but their muffins are very yummy and their coffee is good. Their staff is very friendly.
    5. ArtFrame Gallery – A quirky café that’s also an art gallery, so there is plenty to look at when drinking coffee. This local café has art from local artists so it supports the local community on many levels!

How about you? What coffee shops do you like going to in your area or in the Plymouth area?


2 thoughts on “Supporting Local Coffee Shops

  1. Good for you! Funnily enough, I guessed it was Coffee Bean Central as soon as I started reading. I was in there yesterday, prompted by one of your earlier tweets. It was every bit as good as I hoped it would be and will be featuring on Brian’s Coffee Spot in the near future 🙂

    I also discovered the Roma Espresso Bar this morning (the Notte Street one); heartily recommended. However, I see I will have to come to Plymouth again to check out the rest of your recommendations.


    • Thanks Brian! Thats so cool that you went to Coffee Bean Central and I am glad you enjoyed it :)! Yes do come and visit some other cafe’s in Plymouth. Although Coffee Bean Central still remains my favourite 🙂

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