Jesus came Eating and Drinking

I have had the pleasure of writing a guest blog post on our church’s blog about Jesus and his ministry of food and how we as a community can do the same thing – inviting people for food and to hear the Good News of Jesus!

Here is a snippet of the post, but please do read more here.

All throughout Luke’s Gospel Jesus seems to be eating or seems to be at parties. Jesus enjoyed meals with other people and often it’s during those times that he spoke parables, broke stereotypes, included the outcasts and ministered to the people. Tim Chester has written a book called “A meal with Jesus” and he quotes Robert karris saying that “In Luke’s Gospel Jesus is either going to a meal, at a meal, or coming from a meal”. Jesus’ ministry in Luke’s Gospel revolves around food and he knows how to use meal times well to build relationships and to share his good news.

Grant then did a brilliant preach on how we are invited to the feast and how we invite others as well. Please do have a listen to this talk when you have some time to spare.

Also, on the subject of hospitality and inviting people in. Recently there was a great blog on the Fusion website where Miriam Swaffield and Pipa Elmes was given the task to host a dinner party and invite everyone and anyone in york to come and be fed and also a chance for them to chat to them about Jesus. Do watch the video below about it, I think its brilliant and check out the blog post to find out more!


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