Lets Encourage our Leaders

It’s always easier to give criticism.

It’s easy to find the error in what someone does or says.

It’s easy to find the wrong in situations.

It’s easier to break down then to build up. I can break you down and pull you apart from the comfort of my own chair or whispers to a friend or at the tips of my fingertips. I don’t have to give anything away in my discouraging words, I can just sit behind a wall and cast over grenades that will explode around you. I do this because you don’t meet my expectations, you don’t say the right words and I am not at the center of all your decisions. I don’t want this ministry to be easy for you and I want to keep you humble. It’s too much effort to give you praise. If its done my way, perhaps I will throw you a bone, a small dish of encouragement – but don’t expect too much.

A critical spirit is ugly and its rooted in bitterness and pride. It’s easy to elevate ourselves above others and cast our opinions like bullets that wound our leaders and our family. But our leaders need encouragement. I have come to realise that in my 4 or so years in “ministry” as a student worker the worst times for me are not when numbers are down or when there is a big issue, the worst times for me is when I hear people say discouraging things about the CU or people in the CU or about me – because I need encouragement not to be torn down and I know my co-workers/friends/students do as well. I don’t mean people giving correction, I mean people gossiping and constantly saying discouraging things. I know that the Lord often uses this to keep me humble, a reminder of my identity being in Christ and being wonderfully wrapped up with him. I am not fishing for encouragement but it has made me realise that words matter. What I say matters and how I speak about others matter. Do I approach people with a critical spirit or with encouraging words? I resolved in my heart to find and give encouragement the best I can (my critical spirit lurks around though, its a battle).

Through these last 4 years in ministry it made me realise that our leaders need encouragement. Our pastors and speakers, our small group leaders and children’s workers need encouragement. I don’t mean they need their identity in our praise, I mean they need encouraging, words that will uplift and help them, as Ephesians 4:29:

” Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”

And Hebrews 3:13

But encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called “Today,” lest any one of you be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.

Let our words give grace to those who hear! Let our words soften each others hearts.

When our leaders speak tell them what you found encouraging and lift their spirits because most often (from what I am told) they will feel a bit rubbish after speaking.

Encourage your elders, tell them that their care and love for you is invaluable and that the time they spend in study, praying and leading the church is so valuable for your walk with Christ.

Encourage your small group leader, tell them that they are leading you all well and opening their home to you is the most wonderful blessing.

Encourage your children/ youthworkers – the time they invest in your children is so important and a wonderful sacrifice.

Encourage your husband or wife who loves you, cares for you and gives themselves to you.

Encourage those who spend time-serving and loving you. Tell them that what they do is so valuable and such a blessing to you and without them there would be a real lack in the church and your life. Encourage until their hearts are filled with joy and smiles on their faces. It will mean giving something of yourself to them, it will mean making an effort but I tell you what, you will look more beautiful and know more of the heart of Christ the more you encourage. Because a critical and discouraging spirit is ugly and so un-Christ like.


4 thoughts on “Lets Encourage our Leaders

  1. A great reminder for all of us as we enter one of the busiest seasons in the church year. Everyone needs encouragement, especially those in ministry leadership positions. I hope lots of people read this blog and decide to put your words into actions by encouraging those who serve them and who they serve with.

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