Christmas: Blood & calling on the Lord

Advent Day 4:

Who is going to be our offspring?

Well we are told that Eve has two Sons – Cain and Abel. Is Cain our offspring?

No. Something terrible happens in Genesis 4. Our hope in this offspring Cain soon dissolves. Cain takes Abel out into the field and kills him because he is jealous of his brother. Abel’s blood spills into the ground and cries out.

The Lord hears the cry of Abel’s blood. (4v10)

The firstborn doesn’t save or crush the serpents offspring, instead he allows the sin that is crouching at his door to overcome him, instead for him to rule over it (v7).

We want an offspring that will not spill the blood of others, but will spill his own blood, blood that will “speak a better word than the blood of Abel” (Hebrews 12v24).

Cain left the presence of the Lord and sin sinks deeper into their bones. It seems there is no hope for the line of Cain, the offspring won’t be coming from him.

But Adam and Eve soon give birth to a new son. A son called Seth. Soon after people begin to call upon the name of the Lord. They worship. This seems more promising.

Christmas is about the blood of Jesus speaking a better word and people calling upon the name of the Lord.


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