Christmas: The Redeemer

ruthAdvent Day 10:

In the story of Ruth you have two main characters – Ruth and Boaz. Ruth is a foreigner, an outsider and Boaz is a righteous man. Naomi is also a very important Character, but I want to focus on Ruth and Boaz.

When Ruth leaves her foreigner gods to go with Naomi and follow her God, she finds herself meeting Boaz who was a relative of Naomi’s.  Ruth is an outsider and yet Boaz allows her to work in his fields –

“Now, listen, my daughter, do not go to glean in another field or leave this one, but keep close to my young women” (2v8)

Boaz is very kind to Ruth and he even says that Ruth has “come to take refuge” under the wings of the Lord by being in Boaz’s field.

Later on Boaz is recognised as the redeemer. Ruth says to him “I am Ruth, your servant. Spread your wings over your servant, you are a redeemer” (3v9).

Boaz brings refuge and redeems. He redeems the outcast by marrying her. She is now included in the family and also in the line of Christ.

Boaz is a great man, but he is not the chosen offspring and this wonderful love story is a picture of the greater love story where the true offspring, Jesus, redeems us from being in Adam to being joined with him. He takes us as outcasts and invites us into his family. Jesus marries the outcast. Jesus is the redeemer and we wait for him.

Christmas is about the birth of a redeemer who will bring all outcasts to himself so that they may be a part of his family.


3 thoughts on “Christmas: The Redeemer

  1. Unlike the other unnamed redeemer who counted the cost and found it too much to sacrifice, Boaz knew what redeeming Ruth would cost him, yet paid the full price and would not rest till the matter is settled, thus setting an example for his Divine Descendant?
    Or perhaps it’s actually the other way round? Boaz is being like his Divine Descendant, Boaz is being Christlike because Christ has set an example for Him to follow, not least by redeeming Israel out of Egypt (Jude 5)? And of course Boaz shows mercy and redeeming love to a Gentile outsider just as Jesus, the Commander of the Lord’s Army, had shown mercy and redeeming love to Boaz’s mum, Rahab (Matt 1:5) when destroying Jericho.

    • Thanks Leon :)! Very helpful comment.
      Out of interest do you have any studies on Ruth? Planning to do it next year in small groups with the CU 🙂

  2. No studies I’m afraid! Got another thought though…
    I think it sometimes people focus too much on Boaz and make the main message of Ruth “be like Boaz. Go redeem others!” Thanks for reminding us that Boaz’s not saying, “Be like me!” or even, “Be like Jesus!” Boaz is saying, “Trust in our true kinsman redeemer. Trust the One who’s not ashamed to cal us his brothers and sister. Trust Jesus who longs to gather us all under His wings!”

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