Christmas: A Child is Born

Child-BornAdvent Day 16

Isaiah 9 is probably the most common passage used at Christmas services. Even though the whole bible points and speaks about Christ, Isaiah  walks us through the journey that Christ takes on earth from his birth to his death.

In Isaiah 9 there is great darkness but the light pierces it. The light is that of Jesus who becomes flesh, becomes a baby and is given to the world as a Son and the government on his shoulders.

In Isaiah 11 we see that this Son is the root of Jesse. This son is the offspring we have been waiting for since the fall of Adam. And this Son has the Spirit of the Lord rest on him – a spirit of counsel, wisdom, understanding, knowledge and fear of the Lord. He will bring salvation.

In Isaiah 53 the child grows up and he is nothing to behold, he isn’t beautiful. Instead he was rejected and despised. He carried our sorrow and shame, he was wounded for our transgressions, he took the iniquity of us all. He did not open his mouth to protest, he was like a lamb led to the slaughter. He is the lamb to be sacrificed.

A child is born at Christmas to be a Son for all of us, to be an offering for sin, to be the lamb that will be sacrificed, to be the one who makes intercession on our behalf. This is no ordinary child. This is the awaited offspring, an offspring that carries a promise of good news. And we are ones with beautiful feet to go and tell this good news to others.

Christmas is about a child who is born to bring good news to us: salvation through his death.


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