Books in 2012

Last year I wrote about the books I read in 2011. In 2012 I managed to read more books – 31 books in total. Which doesn’t feel like a lot at all, but it’s quite fun setting this little goal for me each year. Now armed with a kindle (thank you lovely husband) my hope is that I will read more books and more classic books at that! But let me share with you some of my favourite books of this year! Here they are in no particular order:

1. Hunger GamesThe Hunger Games Trilogy – I thought these books were a great adventure and I enjoyed the film. The second book wasn’t fantastic but I liked the fact the ending was different to how I expected it. This is a great book for those that like suspense!


2. gameofthronesGame of Thrones – I quite enjoyed this book and book 2 of this series (only 3 more to go!). It’s a good fantasy series, although slightly heavy going if you’re not normally into the fantasy genre. But I love the plot twists and the character developments in this story. Its got lots of fighting, romance, dragons and mystery! Brilliant


3. ifGodThenWhatIf God, Then What? – This book by Andrew Wilson was probably one of the best apologetic books I have read and a book I would gladly give to my non-Christian friends. Its thought-provoking, great at asking questions and leads you into a story that really makes you question what you think. Good stuff.


4.good-god The Good God – This is a book about the Trinity written by Mike Reeves. Most books I read on the trinity can be quite off-putting and boring, but the Good God is one of the best books on the Trinity. It is heart warming, easy to read and it draws you in to see how our relational Triune God is Good news for all of us compared to a one person God. This is one to read for 2013!


5. ANewNameCoverA New Name – A wonderful and heart wrenching book written by Emma Scrivener. I have recommended this book to so many people. Emma shares her story and her battle with anorexia. Although this book is about anorexia and Emma’s life, it also speaks to the heart about the human problem and how our hearts run after idols. This is a challenging book.




6.The Hobbit – I read the Hobbit this year, mostly because the film has come out and I wanted to finally get round to reading it. I loved it, I forgot how much I enjoy reading Tolkien’s books. It’s a great fantasy adventure with all your favourite characters!


Well 2013 is upon us and I have a list of books brewing for me to read. But I am open for recommendations. What do you think I should read in 2013?



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