Winning Hearts for Christ

heartbeatI woke up this morning with a cold heart. Post mission week blues. I couldn’t bring myself to do much and so I put on some talks because a friend (Emily) said I should listen to this guy John Hindley. After listening to two of the talks I found my heart warmed again as he spoke about Christ. He not only reminded my of the love of Christ but that Christ is The Truth and sin is a result of not loving Jesus.

So if you are feeling weary, cold, distant and rubbish. Come and listen to these talks. Just listen and allow your heart to be won to Christ again.

Winning hearts to Christ Part 1a and 1b

Part 2 – The truth is a person

Part 3 – Preaching to the heart

Part 4 – Beauty wins the heart


3 thoughts on “Winning Hearts for Christ

  1. I love that one of your tags is ‘woo’! It works on more than one level…!!! I also love how kind and gentle Jesus is with us when we’re so indifferent to how good he is. It’s great to share the joy!

  2. “I woke up this morning with a cold heart.” Pull the curtains apart immediately and let the sun shine light and life and warmth to you. Behold your champion Bridegroom who has come forth from His pavilion to woo you with His love once again. For that is the first thing He wants you to know every morning!

  3. The new day is not going to be a day of slavishly serving a harsh and demanding Master, but yet another day to enjoying the love of your Husband who has served you!

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