New Word Alive in Pictures

The radio silence has been due to being away at a wedding and then New Word Alive! It was a fun week of stewarding, student team and good teaching. Here are some pictures to give you a glimpse of the week:

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6 thoughts on “New Word Alive in Pictures

  1. Ooh – some of my very favorite books in that stack of books…in particular the top two! Love those both so much!

    A Praying Life (by Paul Miller) is another high on my list of favorites that’s always at the top of my stack or in my bag with me along with JSB and TtMYHS (among a few others).

    Not very many people seem to have discovered “Thoughts” yet, though many more know JSB now…so fun to see it appear on someone else’s blog! I’ve given so many copies away b/c I love it so much!

    • Hey! Thanks for commenting. Yeh I bought quite a lot of books. (there were loads more I wanted but my husband kept steering me away from the bookstall, can’t imagine why!) The first two are wonderful – the illustrations are beautiful and the stories/bible stories are really good. I think the “Thoughts” book is quite new? I hadn’t heard of it before NWA. I am hoping to do a review of the book soon!

      I have read A praying Life and found it very helpful and refreshing. Im currently reading “Serving without Sinking” and its so helpful, especially if you do any kind of serving in the church – it helps you focus on Christ. Would certainly recommend getting that book to put in your bag 🙂

      I just popped over to your blog – It’s really good and I am enjoying reading your posts! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by,
      Cat xx

      • Darn, I just lost my comment as I tried to click reply (maybe I should go to your blog instead of trying to use this wordpress reply feature?!)

        I’m anxious to look at that book you suggested. Until last month, I was in full-time ministry. My health has me unable to do anything right now, unfortunately, but my heart is in ministry, so that’s definitely a book I’d like to get.

        And, as many of my friends and family are, in some capacity or another, probably is one I’ll end up suggesting to others, it sounds like! My folks were both also in full-time ministry – at two different churches from one another (yes, really!) though they both went to the other’s church during service times that their own church didn’t offer. Needless to say, ever trying to meet up with them to do holidays was pretty impossible trying to work around three different large churches and all the service times 🙂

        Funny about your DH trying to keep you away from the book table! I could tell from that first picture of the books that you were the kind of person I’d like given such similar taste in books.

        Have you read “Note to Self” by Joe Thorn? It’s an unusual one, but one I appreciate (not a sit and read through it sort, though). Shelter in a Time of Storm is quite good. And I’ve been rereading both of Shauna Niequist’s books in preparation for her new one, Bread & Wine (not that they’re at all related, I just like her books!) – but I didn’t get back through both and B&W just got here, so…now I’ll probably cheat.

        I’d love to see more of what you’re reading (or have read)!

        I don’t even remember who linked to your blog the other day, but I’m glad they did! Like I said, I could tell from the book picture alone we shared some book taste in common at least, and I enjoyed what I’ve read of your blog and look forward to reading more! 🙂

  2. Hey Leese!
    The book is certainly worth reading, you can get it here for a good price (cheaper on Kindle):

    Sorry to hear you are in bad health, that must be really tough – I think this book would be refreshing for you to read. It starts with looking at our heart motivations in serving and then it looks at Jesus being the one who serves us! I found it liberating because I often feel guilty for not serving enough, but to read this and remember that Jesus came to serve and not be served just takes the burden off my/our shoulders! It would probably be a good book for your friends and family (must be really hard having parents at two different churches?!)

    I have not read any of those books you suggested, but I will look them up!! I always love finding new books to read, we just need more bookshelves! Just finished a really good book called “Dangerous Calling” By Paul Tripp and that was brilliant – its audience are Pastors, however I think it can be helpful to anyone in ministry! On the secular book front I am currently reading “Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell, its quite enjoyable so far! I have also just finished “Life of Pi”, which was very good – have you read that? It’s quite a good story. I do like to eat books! 🙂

    I wonder whether it was Tanya that connected us? 🙂

  3. It was Tanya!

    I like Tripp’s Shelter in the Time of Storm – in fact, I just sent a copy to another friend recently. I’ll add Dangerous Calling to my list.

    Eating books – what a great way to put it! 🙂

    Yeah, it’s crazy that my parents made it work as long as they did…I think it was 8-ish years that they’ve been doubling churching things! Of course neither they (nor I) had any time/energy/interest in trying to host or cook for holidays anymore juggling things around so many services. I’ve even given up ever decorating. Ha ha. My folks still do at their place, to an extent. I guess it’s good there aren’t many of us in the family…we don’t need any more churches in the mix. 😉 I did email them and suggest the book to both of them, though, as well!

    Now that it’s taken me so long to reply, reading anything else interesting? Do you read memoirs? Or are you intrigued by any particular parts of the world? I tend to go on a binge ‘theme’ wise so I’ve got a bunch of great ones…but depending on what else you like to read, I’d share (or not) 🙂

    • Don’t worry about taking ages to reply – I have taken ages to reply to this!… Just thinking – would it be better to e-mail each other? What do you think? We can chat books and blog posts! 🙂 Let me know whats best.

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