Green Fingers #1

I’m not sure I really have green fingers. I am not a natural at growing and keeping green leafy things alive. When at University I would try to look after pot plants which unfortunately I would forget about and find them cowering in the corner looking shrivelled and wilted. My parents ended up giving me a pot plant called “hope” and they told me it was because it needed hope to survive living in the same house as me. It died.

Moving swiftly on. I would like to say that I am now a gardening wiz with pot plants, however I still haven’t managed to keep one alive. My husband and I conclude we are not plot plant people. But we have found a joy in growing vegetables. Not only do you get the fun of planting them and seeing them grow, but you can eat them too!

We started this last year and had some interesting results – we managed to grow aubergines, tomatoes and peppers!

There were a few disasters: Not having air vents in the green house which resulted in some things going moldy! And also an army of slugs ate a lot of our veg!! However for a first try we felt it went well.

So this year we are branching out and now have raised beds! Outside in the raised beds we are growing: potatoes, garlic, broccoli, leeks and carrots.

Inside the Green house we have: Peppers, Tomatoes and Aubergines.

I hope to keep you updated with how things are going. They are growing quite quickly – although I am slightly worried that the weather of high winds and rain will do damage. But here are some pictures of our potatoes that have grown so fast in a week:

2013-05-04 13.03.35 2013-05-11 11.47.51






Look how much its grown!! Exciting.

I am interested in learning more about gardening and growing a variety of things in the garden. If you have any tips or tricks I would love to hear them in the comments below!!

Happy Gardening!


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