Green Fingers #2

blackbirdIn the Garden we have been joined by some new friends. Mr and Mrs Blackbird have taken up residents in the hedge at the bottom of our garden. If you go on tiptoes and peer into the leafy hedge you will often be able to see a bundle of twigs and dirt clamped together and a Mrs blackbird sitting on the nest. It appears that we will soon be having baby Blackbirds soon! How exciting!

This has led to a few episodes of running in and out the garden due to the neighbours cat trying to get at the birds!! But let me tell you they put up a fight. They swoop and chirp very loudly at anyone or thing coming anywhere near the nest. Apparently Blackbirds like to nest quite low to the ground – which I find rather odd because this is perfect for the neighbouring cats to have a quick snack!

We feel quite protective over these birds and we wished we had a little camera to capture the eggs hatching. But it is really nice to know that we have lots of different types of animals and birds in our garden!

The rest of the veg is growing well and slugs haven’t been a huge problem this year so far! (Hurray!)

One Tip we have learnt and it seems to be working is using used coffee grains (dried out) and put them on the veg patch to stop slugs.

Does anyone have any other tips for us keen new gardeners?


One thought on “Green Fingers #2

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