Building the Dung Gate

There is a great preach by Andrew Wilson about the guy who builds the dung gate. It is 40 min but worth watching.

I found it really helpful because to be honest no one wants to be the guy who builds the dung gate. But someone has to be:

Nehemiah 3:14

Malchijah the son of Rechab, ruler of the district of Beth-haccherem, repaired the Dung Gate. He rebuilt it and set its doors, its bolts, and its bars.

Wilson reminds me that not everyone is the Nehemiah type guy or the preacher or the great musician. Not everyone is in the spotlight writing books or going on tours or speaking at large conferences. Not everyone has a life like that. Some do. Some are history makers. Which we need. But most of us won’t be. Most of us will be building the dung gate or counting the utensils (1 Chronicles 9:28).

UtensilsAnd Wilson reminds me that this is ok.

It feels like it shouldn’t be ok. It feels like we should say that we all have this calling to be history makers and to change the world. That we have a hero inside ourselves that we need to unlock and we can do anything if only we believe. Sometimes in some ways that may be true. But in everyday life, it just doesn’t happen.

I guess when you are fresh out of uni as a christian you sometimes dream of being a missionary or super star evangelist…

You may dream of being a preacher that pastors a huge church, where you write inspiring books and everyone follows you on twitter. Wilson shares his story about how he wanted that and wanted to change the world. Until life happened. Again life smacks you in the face. Suffering happens and suddenly everything is different. Have a listen, it’s great.

Someone’s got to build the dung gate. And build it with joy. It’s a small part in the community of the church but its vital. And it has significance. I sometimes think those small things mean nothing compared to the big stuff. But God includes these things in the bible and a whole list of names of who built this wall or gate, who cleaned what and who chopped wood over here and there etc.

I think God sees the dung gate as important.

So then, I have a question in my head when it comes to this: What is success in life?  What is it really?

I am coming to a conclusion that success can’t be measured and isn’t dependant on what other people think. For me I think success is joyfully loving Jesus in what ever situation I find myself in. Because deep down, “average” living is not bad. But it is all about the heart. And it is all about Jesus.

So then, if I find myself in a bed-ridden state 10 years from now and looking pretty much like a failure in everyone’s eyes, I hope my heart is still loving Jesus. I think that would be what I call success. Running the race and at the end still saying “Jesus you are wonderful“.

It gives me confidence for when I finish with UCCF, because I have no doubt I will go on and live a pretty average life. What that looks like, I don’t know, but I hope it’s loving Jesus and loving the local church and building whatever dung gate that needs to be built in the church.

Not many people speak about this. I am glad Andrew Wilson did.


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