A Story Repeated

Reading a book at the beachHuman beings are story tellers. We all love stories. Its seems that christians have been telling the same story for over 2000 years. Over and over again, every Sunday, every midweek meeting and every evangelistic event.

It is the story of salvation, of bloodshed and sacrifice. The story of love, light and darkness. The story of a loving Father and his Son through the Spirit saving  the people who is the bride and the adopted son.

It is a story we repeat over and over again. Which means sometimes we think we know it. We mutter that we have heard it all before. We think we know this story and so we want talk about something else. We ask, do we have to listen to the Gospel AGAIN at church?

I firmly believe the answer to that is: Yes. Even if you don’t realise it, your heart and my heart needs to hear this story again. We need this story repeated again and again.

The funny thing is, this story is older than 2000 years. This is a story that is embedded in the Old testament. The story of liberation and salvation. The story of darkness and light, of sacrifice and blood. The story of Exodus. That story where God freed his people from slavery and led them into the promise land.

As I read through my bible I have noticed something. We are told the same story over and over again in the OT. God is constantly telling his people the same story of the Exodus…

“For I am the Lord who brought you up out of the land of Egypt to be your God.” Lev 11v45…

Here are some other examples although there are lots more:

Deuteronomy 20:1, Leviticus 25:38 , Amos 2:10 ,Psalm 81:10 ,Jeremiah 2:6 ,2 Kings 17:7

This story is repeated over and over again. At first I thought – they know this! I know this! Stop repeating it. But then it struck me. They are a forgetful people. They forget who God is, they forget what God has done and they go after idols and think those idols saved them.

So the Lord in his patience and grace repeats the story again. This is who I am, this is what I did, this is the story – I saved you, I freed you, you are my people, I love you, blood was shed for you. No other god or thing can do that.

The story of the Exodus in the OT was pointing to the Cross and its this story we share now. And it struck me that I am the same. I forget this story.

I am like the Israelites who need to be told again and again and again who God is, where salvation comes from and what God has done and will do.

When I forget this story I go after idols and say to them, “these are my salvation and they will help me in time of need“, which is rubbish. I need to hear the Gospel again. When I tempted to rely on anything other than Jesus, I need to hear the Gospel again. When I tempted to worry or complain, I need to hear the Gospel again. And so forth.

The story being repeated is one of the most gracious things the Lord does for us, because if He didn’t we would be lost and going after cheap substitutes that lead to death.

Let’s never be someone who says “I have heard it all before”, but rather be someone who says “I need to hear this again!”.

So then, lets keep sharing that story over and over again to each other, to the world and in the pulpit. Let’s never get tired of this story because it is a beautiful story and our hearts need to hear of the wonderful salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ every day.

**Photo: By Simon Cocks (Flickr: Creative Commons licence)


3 thoughts on “A Story Repeated

  1. This reminds me of the journaling I did when I first became a Christian that I have just published as an ebook on Amazon called ‘Kind Words from a Gracious God’. I had forgotten what He said & came across the journals as I was cleaning out my house to move. They so touched me I wanted to share what He said with others so we dont forget Him & His love that is so wonderful He had to share it with us. Colleen

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