Collection of Webs: Summer Edition Pt2

Here is the second part of the Summer Edition of Collection of Webs. Here are some articles and blogs that caught my attention over the summer:

Articles and Blogs:

Courage in the ordinary:
“But I’m starting to learn that, whether in Mongolia or Tennessee, the kind of “giving my life away” that counts starts with how I get up on a gray Tuesday morning. It never sells books. It won’t be remembered. But it’s what makes a life.”

Why the Internet isn’t Magic Land: In their mind, every Christian ministry is expected to have every possible resource available on every possible platform. And they want it now! Not only do they want it now, that want quality, and they want it for free.

Our Unspoken god:
It’s dangerous making too much of anything but Jesus in this life. Fashioning little idols is all too easy. Or just making material things the centre of life rather than God. The problem is not consuming to live, but rather living to consume.

Sexism in Online Gaming Communities:
Most of the female gamers I know or have talked to say they try to avoid mentioning their gender when grouping up with others. And if it gets out (which it sometimes does if voice chat gives them away or they slip up when typing) they feel pressure to not do anything about the inevitable torrent of sexism that comes their way. Retaliating, even if it’s just politely asking to stop, might make things worse. (*There is swearing in this article)

Happy Clappy:
So let’s ask a tough question: Is there anything about evangelicalism (as opposed to other kinds of Christianity) that makes depression even harder? Or even, perhaps, more likely?

A New Suit:
A wonderful story about Billy Graham.

You Don’t Hate me. You hate my Brand:
Perhaps the most radical thing we followers of Jesus can do in the information age is treat each other like humans—not heroes, not villains, not avatars, not statuses, not Republicans, not Democrats, not Calvinists, not Emergents—just humans.

The Church needs to stop telling husbands to lead, and start teaching them how to love.
And I want to suggest that these household codes have nothing to do with maintaining patriarchal society, instead, we see submission and love as the counterpoint to the sinful tendencies pronounced over women and men at the fall.


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