Freshers, Fruit, Flu and Flyering

CUpuddingFreshers Week.

That time of the year where you get lost looking students walking around campus who don’t look old enough to be at Uni. It was 9 years ago when I was a fresher which means this lot of freshers would have been in primary school when I started Uni. I feel old. I feel old when the students ask me if I am going out clubbing with them for the CU VIP night. They said they are starting at 11pm and was wondering if I was going to come and dance the night away with them. I raised an eyebrow. 10pm is bedtime. When I arrive no one will be there and when I leave no one will be there.

I will give it a miss. Thanks anyway.

Freshers flu gets passed around. No one is eating fruit or veg, just free pizza and whatever the CU is giving away. Maybe someone should be giving out free fruit and veg? An Exotic fruit market.. oohh

Hundreds of societies are on campus giving out flyers. You have to wonder which voices are being heard. The ones screaming the loudest, the ones with the funny costumes, the ones with free everything, anything and something.

There is a buzz. Campus is alive. Fresh faces, wide eyes and an expectancy written across their chops. It’s the time of the year where people are most open. You become friends with people you wouldn’t normally, you go along to things you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole – extreme ironing? Sure, I’ll give it a go.

The same questions are flying around. What’s your name? Where you from? What course you doing? What’s your name again? Which societies you joining? How wasted were you last night? Er What’s your name again?…

I spent my first week at uni learning that I needed sleep. Going out till 3am with a 9am lecture in the morning was a recipe for sleeping during a lecture. Especially maths lectures. erg.

I love it. But I love it when it’s over too. There are only so many times you can ask what someones name is. I am glad I am not a fresher anymore, but I still enjoyed coming alongside the CU as they made plans to welcome all freshers to their events. Lots of questions were asked, new friendships were formed and people from all walks of life got to hear about Jesus. It is a good time of the year to consider who Jesus is. What an exciting opportunity.

Freshers 2013. Over and Out.

Your Thoughts:

Do you remember freshers week? Any funny stories from it? Did you meet the CU in freshers week? What did you think?


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