I Am From…

Footsteps in sanI saw this over at Tanya’s blog and thought it was a brilliant idea. So I wanted to give it a go and link up with SheLoves Magazine in a “Heritage Day” celebration.

I am from the land of HG Wells, the War of the Worlds with Martians, lazer quest and pic-a-mix in Woolworth’s.

I am from a working class line with factory workers and butchers. With armed forces and pressed uniforms. I am from making ends meet and counting the pennies. I am from council houses and second-hand Tellies.

I am from Christmas with loads of presents for an only child. I am from action man and Ghost Busters and no toys for girls.

I am from a place where Santa was real but Jesus was make believe.

I am from books spilling over from the shelves and midnight reading under the covers. I am from Goosebumps, Roald Dahl and The Jolly Postman. Later in my teens I am from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Discworld, eating books alive and delving into these make-believe worlds.

I am from fish fingers and endless games of football. I am from playdays, Super Ted and Hey Arnold. I am from Live and Kicking on a Saturday morning before going food shopping with mum and dad.

I am from climbing trees and long walks in the fields near our house, and from riding my bike as fast I can and bearing the scars after. I am from football teams and rounders teams but certainly not hockey.

I am from, “just do your best, that’s all we ask“. I am from sea cadets with first crushes and sailing masts, with rifle shooting and marching in shiny shoes.

I am from starting year 7 with Princess Diana dying and starting GCSEs with the Twin Towers falling.

I am from train journeys to london and days spent in the natural history museum. I am from a time where I wanted to be a paleontologist, police woman, Navy officer and a pathologist. I am none of these now.

I am from watching “friends” and crying at the end when it was all over. I am from trying coffee for the first time and enjoying the buzz. I am from walls of DVDs and arguments about immigrants, the government and whether I could go to the party in the park.

I am from a catholic school where communion was boring and confession a chance to skip lessons.

I am from poetry and feeling lost, from Goo Goo Dolls, Papa Roach and B*witched. I am from messed up to healed up. I am from being introduced to Jesus for the first time and feeling like hope was a reality.


3 thoughts on “I Am From…

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! So much.
    Pic’n’mix in woolworths! That takes me back…

    And I didn’t know you were such a tomboy. I like that your parents allowed you the freedom to be yourself and not be stereotyped.

    ‘I am from poetry and feeling lost’ – me too.

    • Aw thanks Tanya!! 🙂
      I was very much a tomboy – I liked adventure and action instead of playing “house” and wearing dresses! haha

      Poetry and feeling lost tend to go together quite well don’t they?

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