Recent Book Reviews

Just thought I would flag up some book reviews I have been doing over at the Book Square Blog:

forwomenonly  1. The most recent book I have reviewed is called: For women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn: A book about relationships and the inner thoughts of men. It is a guide to help the wife or partner to understand their husband/boyfriend better. It touches on how to serve him well and what they really think about in certain situations.


2013-10-22 12.16.202. Connect – How to double your number of Volunteers: A book I wouldn’t normally have read but it proved to share some good insights about how to recruit and double your volunteer base at Church (and CU). There are lots to think about here and I hope to share some more thoughts on it soon.


communicating for a change3. Communicating for a change: How we communicate is important. How we preach or do talks that are communicating what we mean in a way that is interesting is often hard to do. This book is rather helpful in giving ideas on how to communicate better.


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