Day 3: The Chosen Offspring

old_expuThe Lord walks in the Garden and begins to speak to the Serpent, Adam and Eve.

He curses them. Curses the serpent to the ground, to crawl on its belly and to eat dust. The woman is cursed in bringing life into the world. The process of life-giving will be painful.  The man will rule over her and she will be against him.

Adam will find no joy in work, the ground is cursed, in pain he shall eat and work.

But there is grace in this. There is a flicker of hope.

The serpent will have offspring and so will the woman. And there will be enmity between them. There will be a battle of good and evil. The serpents offspring will bruise the woman’s offspring.

But the woman’s offspring will crush the serpent’s head.

Good will beat evil.

An offspring will be born that will end all evil and the lies of the serpent. This offspring will be our champion, our hero, our serpent crusher.

But for now in Genesis 3, Adam and Eve are cut off from God and the Garden of Eden. Two cherubim’s with flaming swords guard the way to the tree of life. No one can get in.

So we wait for the offspring. We wait for our hero. We wait for the offspring who will tear down the curtain between us and our life-giving God. We wait.

Christmas is about the chosen Offspring who will crush the serpent.

*Painting by MASACCIO


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